Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 12, 2015

This week was so good. We had a great week! One of the best that we have ever had in this area. It is a wonderful thing to feel that I am trying and miracles are happening all around me.

Clancy is a member in the YSA here. He’ll be bringing my bike and a suitcase to the house. That’s pretty cool of this super awesome member! I want to follow his example when I get home. He is a return missionary from Pennsylvania. He offered his phone number and said “call me whenever”. Have you had the Elders for dinner? Do they ever attend the wards in Spanish Fork?

Well, I’ll see you next week. I don’t feel like typing when I can tell you in person in 9 days!
Love ya!

Picture: This is my zone. We call it the “Ely Family”.

Friday, January 9, 2015

January 5, 2015

This week is good. It just flew by. I’m trying to work really hard. I’m giving it my all…no regrets. I’ve fasted for strength to keep going. I’m trying my hardest. But, last night was very difficult. It was a real struggle. I was so sad and depressed. Why is this so hard? So, I prayed for a continued focus and got a blessing. It was a really good blessing and exactly what I needed to hear because I was doubting myself and what I have done on my mission. I’m good now. My commitment that I make to you is that I will return home giving my all here in the mission field. It’s hard, like really hard, but I’m giving it my all. My work is not yet done. Please pray for me.

Mom, I love you! I went to MLC this week (I always forget to tell you). Dad, happy B-Day. I will see you in a couple days…that will be my present to you.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Dec. 29, 2014

Our Christmas was so chill. We did some service for the community (we were the waiters for the city dinner). Afterwards we went sledding, got all warm and watched Ephraim’s Rescue. Then we had dinner, played basketball, and watched The Best 2 Years. It was great. I love those movies! You should get them so I can watch them when I get home. Mom, thank you so much for your continuing encouragement and never ending love. I need it so much as I reach the close of my mission. This is the point when you either crack and fall at the way side or you thrive. My deepest desire is to thrive, but the days following Christmas were rough. A lot of cancelations (I will not miss that part). Until the very end I need to persevere and rise above it. We have had a really good week stats wise. But, pushing myself was harder than I would have expected. My desire is there but I’m struggling. I need to stay focused. That’s what I want, Mom. I don’t want you to get worried. I’m doing fine, my head is on straight again, and I have the plans to meet my goals. I’m giving it my all.  

Hurrah for Israel! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec. 22, 2014

This week has been so cool! We had an awesome special training and then a Christmas party. It was so cool. I love the mission parties. Since we are so far away we only had the assistants, the mission president and his wife, and the 10 missionaries in the zone (just like last year). I enjoy the small parties. The less people the easier it is to just have a good time. I bet you know what that’s like. Hahaha. This week was good and I am so excited for Christmas. I first thought this skype call would be so easy. I would be like, “Hi. Bye. See you in a couple days.” I’m not sure about that anymore. I try to be strong but when it comes to my family, I lose my cool.

I love you guys so much! 
Elder Wilson 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dec. 14. 2014

I got my package. I love the beef jerky! Thank you so much! I feel the love! And, yes, I fought my traffic ticket and got it reduced to $75 instead of $115. I was pretty satisfied. All is paid and all is good.  Yes, I totally agree with coming home on the plane. After I get home I’ll travel back to my mission with siblings to visit. That will be fine. 

This week was super awesome. We went to Sparks for a MLC (mission leadership conference). It was great. The weather was kind of crummy but it was a fun trip. I always forget to tell you: the trip is like 6 hours one way. This time there was a blizzard and we stopped in Eureka to go to the bathroom. My comp lost his glasses somewhere on the road. I had to drive home (I had switched the designated driver over to him) because he can’t see without his glasses. It was like after 10 at night. It was so crazy.

Pictures: I went to a place called the “shoe tree”. It was awesome! Let’s just say, I got a few pair of shoes! We went on a p-day activity to get a Christmas tree. It was fun!

Elder Wilson

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 8, 2014

This week was super cool! We had a baptism with a miracle man this past weekend. It was a little rocky at first, just getting to meet with him because he has been so sick. The doctors have told Bro. Dennis he has anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to live. His life expectancy is not good. The spirit was so strong at his baptism. Then we have had more miracles…one just yesterday. We got out of church and we were driving back to Ely. We were going to visit a guy that we had lost contact. We just walked up to the mail box and we are like “what?” (missing details…what was in the mailbox?) We go and find him and boom miracle. It was pretty cool! So, I got the call and I’m spending my last transfer in Ely. It’s pretty crazy that I’ve reached the last transfer of my mission! I’m excited to stay in Ely. We have a lot of cool things going on here.

I’m nervous to go home. I have nothing waiting for me except my family. I’m not really worried about school and stuff, but job and GF…my goal is to get married before my 21st birthday. It might just be wishful thinking, but I would like that to happen. Start looking for me. J I don’t know, maybe my thoughts will change when I get home.

Love you all,
Elder Wilson

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 1, 2014

We had a baptism and we have another one this week. The cool thing about the baptism this week is that I was able to baptize both. It was super cool! One is a convert and the other is an 8 year old. Then my comp did the confirmation. Her name is Lanee. She has down syndrome and she is an awesome person. She is my favorite! It was so cool because at first she was scared to go in the water. I was already down there. My arm reached out for her and she was so scared. So, the boy went first. Then it was her turn once again. She was still scared and in her mumbled words she asked if I liked her. I said “of course I like you. I love you Lanee”. It was so wonderful to help this special spirit make the choice to follow God. It was a wonderful spirit that was in the room. We had a little trouble with organizing it because we forgot to reserve the building. There was another baptism for an 8 year old that same day in an hour. So, that was fun to figure out. The little kid from the other ward got baptized and used the baptism clothes. That’s a story in itself. We assigned the sister in the second ward to do a spiritual thought during the changing but they thought we were talking about the other baptism. That was a struggle too. The moral of the story is assign talks and reserve buildings. Baptisms are awesome! I love them (when I don’t have to plan). It was a great baptism. I love Lanee! She is awesome!

This week we had a good week. As always a baptism can put it over the top! The cool thing about this week is that on Thanksgiving day we received a call saying that a man in a part member family wants to be baptized. They want to do it this weekend. We are like “uh, uh, uh, ok”  :) A little background is that we have been talking a lot about miracles and we have been praying for them daily. It was so cool because the whole mission has a goal of getting 100 baptisms for the month of December. We are like “o gosh. How are we gonna do this?” Then this miracle happened! I can tell you that when you put your trust and most importantly your faith in the Lord and rely on him, giving it YOUR all, the Lord will provide! That is an awesome thing that I have learned while on my mission. It’s an amazing thing to watch a miracle happen. I love it!

Those two happenings have made this week awesome! I love being a part of the Lord’s  mission. What  a blessing!
I love you all so much!
Elder Wilson