Monday, January 5, 2015

Dec. 29, 2014

Our Christmas was so chill. We did some service for the community (we were the waiters for the city dinner). Afterwards we went sledding, got all warm and watched Ephraim’s Rescue. Then we had dinner, played basketball, and watched The Best 2 Years. It was great. I love those movies! You should get them so I can watch them when I get home. Mom, thank you so much for your continuing encouragement and never ending love. I need it so much as I reach the close of my mission. This is the point when you either crack and fall at the way side or you thrive. My deepest desire is to thrive, but the days following Christmas were rough. A lot of cancelations (I will not miss that part). Until the very end I need to persevere and rise above it. We have had a really good week stats wise. But, pushing myself was harder than I would have expected. My desire is there but I’m struggling. I need to stay focused. That’s what I want, Mom. I don’t want you to get worried. I’m doing fine, my head is on straight again, and I have the plans to meet my goals. I’m giving it my all.  

Hurrah for Israel! 

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