Friday, January 9, 2015

January 5, 2015

This week is good. It just flew by. I’m trying to work really hard. I’m giving it my all…no regrets. I’ve fasted for strength to keep going. I’m trying my hardest. But, last night was very difficult. It was a real struggle. I was so sad and depressed. Why is this so hard? So, I prayed for a continued focus and got a blessing. It was a really good blessing and exactly what I needed to hear because I was doubting myself and what I have done on my mission. I’m good now. My commitment that I make to you is that I will return home giving my all here in the mission field. It’s hard, like really hard, but I’m giving it my all. My work is not yet done. Please pray for me.

Mom, I love you! I went to MLC this week (I always forget to tell you). Dad, happy B-Day. I will see you in a couple days…that will be my present to you.

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