Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dec. 14. 2014

I got my package. I love the beef jerky! Thank you so much! I feel the love! And, yes, I fought my traffic ticket and got it reduced to $75 instead of $115. I was pretty satisfied. All is paid and all is good.  Yes, I totally agree with coming home on the plane. After I get home I’ll travel back to my mission with siblings to visit. That will be fine. 

This week was super awesome. We went to Sparks for a MLC (mission leadership conference). It was great. The weather was kind of crummy but it was a fun trip. I always forget to tell you: the trip is like 6 hours one way. This time there was a blizzard and we stopped in Eureka to go to the bathroom. My comp lost his glasses somewhere on the road. I had to drive home (I had switched the designated driver over to him) because he can’t see without his glasses. It was like after 10 at night. It was so crazy.

Pictures: I went to a place called the “shoe tree”. It was awesome! Let’s just say, I got a few pair of shoes! We went on a p-day activity to get a Christmas tree. It was fun!

Elder Wilson

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