Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nov. 3, 2014

A convert that I taught, Brian Harris, is getting baptized this week in Provo. Brian is super prepared and is getting baptized on the 8th of Nov. I think this is the address of the baptism: 4525 N Canyon Road, Provo. I’m not sure on the time but I’m sure if you call the bishop of the ward you can find out. It would be cool if you could go to the baptism. If not, no worries.

This week was pretty crazy traveling back on the same road I thought I would never see again. I’m serving once again in the good ole town of Ely. A YSA ward and McGill. It’s pretty nuts that I’m back. I was talking with my old comp, Elder Reeder. (He visited the mission a couple of weeks back and saw the transfer board.) He said that I was going to Susanville. But, the Lord needed me somewhere else. When I talked to the Mission Pres. he said: “I don’t know why, but, I know that you are needed there.” I thought that was pretty cool! It was so funny this Sunday. Since we cover 2 wards (McGill and YSA), we said the prayers, passed the Sacrament, I bore my testimony, and taught the gospel principles lesson in McGill. Then in YSA we blessed the sacrament, both bore testimony, and said prayers in various other meetings. Next week we get to give talks in McGill. Man, they are whipping us into shape! But, that is expected. They have small numbers and everyone is needed. I just didn’t know we would do everything. Haha. I love it!

Another funny thing is that we both got double transferred. We traveled to Ely on Wednesday, took from 7am-5:45pm. The next day we drove back to Sparks for a meeting that was 2pm-7:30pm. We took HWY 50 and cut it down drastically. That was fun! Then we had a meeting on Friday morning till 3:30. We drove to Fernley, got some groceries, and then traveled home. We got there at almost 10pm. It’s nuts! We have had 2 days of proselyting. I’m super excited! We have Zone Training tomorrow…gotta inspire the troops! 

Much love,
Elder Wilson

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