Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 27, 2014

My mission has changed my life. It’s the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. I think it was this time last year that I really wasn’t getting anywhere. I received my new companion, Elder Rakena. Everything changed and I made a conscious effort to be better. Then I got the call to be a zone leader that made all the difference.

In my first area and one of the first people I talked to on my mission was Mitch. He was stuck. With my greenie fire, I just asked him all these questions and tried to inspire him to change. He just wouldn’t do anything about it. We let it go for a month or two and then went back. But, still nothing. Eventually he needed some help from the church so he came to Sunday services. His girlfriend said he wanted to take the lessons. We were surprised but excited. We taught him the lessons. His kids sat in on the lessons (at that time he also had a foster kid). All of them sat in and all of them got baptized. Unfortunately, he did not. We still kept seeing him. We set a date for him to get married to his girlfriend and they did. It was a wonderful day. Then we set a date for baptism. The day came and it looked good. Then we got a text saying “not going through with it. Don’t call. Don’t text. Don’t come over.” I was done with the loving persistence. We went over just to see what was going on. He said “don’t come back. Sorry, but, just please don’t.” We gave him a break and we went on with our missions. A year goes by and I was transferred to Carson City. I’m living with my trainer and one of the first things he says to me is “Mitch moved”. So my old companion is teaching him again and the lessons progress. A date is set and he finally gets baptized. I was able to confirm him and he got the priesthood. He is still going strong. That experience, that man, changed my life. I know to never quit. Everything will work out. The reasons for everything is God’s reasoning and He provides a way! I know that to be true. Another moment that I will treasure forever is when I prayed about the Book of Mormon. I mean really prayed. I was in my first area and I wanted to know if it was true. I was reading my favorite book in the BOM, Ether. Right before I got to chapter 12, I got on my knees asking my Father to hear my plea. I received the answer: “you knew it was true the whole time”. I knew that it was true but that comfort, that wisdom I cannot deny. It’s awesome! 

To get you caught up to speed this week: I’m getting transferred. Guess what? I’m going back to the east side and I’ll be serving in the McGill ward/YSA branch (Ely zone). I’m going back to my old zone. Pretty funny. I’ll be zone leader there. I’m pretty sure I’ll be training another zone leader. Pretty cool. That is exciting news. I’ll go where the Lord takes me. We had a really good week. Lots of exciting things. I think I told you about Brian (the one getting baptized in Provo on the 8th of Nov). It will be pretty cool. Maybe you can go. I think that is super cool. He is a solid guy and he will be a great member.

Love you so much, 
Elder Wilson

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