Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov. 10, 2014

I got the package. Thank you so much. It’s been so crazy and nuts the past week and a half. We have had so many meetings, zone training, and MLC. Also, we are part of a committee called “just serve”. Since we are over the missionaries, we needed to be there. We also went to an SPC meeting (stake presidency meeting). I think it’s cool to see the workings of the church from the inside. I like it. Mom, I probably need one more short sleeve shirt. I’m going through a lot of shirts. We deal with smokers and my shirts stink. Haha. I hope I don’t get cancer. No worries as the Lord is with me. J This week we were able to give talks in the McGill ward. We are a big part of the ward. It’s kind of stressful sometimes because we also teach classes. But, we are getting it all together. This week was good although the craziness was interesting. I need the craziness to keep me focused. I saw the paper chain that was made at home of how many days I have left. That’s funny. It’s cool that Jakob and Mary were able to see the baptism of Brian. That is sweet! I love you so much! Elder Wilson

Brian Harris baptism in Provo Nov. 8, 2014

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