Friday, October 17, 2014

Oct. 13, 2014

What does LARCS stand for?
Sorry. LARCS means “less active” (LA) and “recent converts” (RC). Hahaha. Missionary lingo. We were teaching one lady, Angie. She was doing so good in just a week’s time. We contacted her and taught her 3 lessons. Then her fellowshipper said that she doesn’t want to meet with us anymore. She said if she becomes Mormon she will not be able to get buried next to her Catholic husband in the Catholic cemetery. That was very sad. We have fasted and prayed for her. I think it has been about month and a half. This week we have finally been able to get in contact with her and we have a return appointment! I have high hopes for her. I think that is what we need to do for this couple that dropped us…just give it some time. It’s unfortunate, but, I think that is what we have to do. Money and tithing won’t be a problem for long. He is in school, working, and just moved into a new home they are renting. Things are just tight right now. I have a feeling things will work out. We just need to be that support to them. I think all things will work out. We have been really wanting to get a baptism in the month of October. We have been praying and fasting for that and we know that a miracle will be brought to pass shortly. I know that to be true. General Conference was so good! I really like Elder Anderson’s talk about Joseph Smith. I also liked Bednar’s talk to all investigators and everyone not of the church. I liked all of the 1st Presidencies messages. It was just a really good conference. We watched “Meet the Mormons”. It was good. If you haven’t seen it, go see it. It’s awesome! We had interviews with President and also zone training this week. It was good. I love training in that atmosphere. I love my mission!

The box I sent home was just misc. stuff that I didn’t want to lug around anymore. I really don’t think I’m leaving anytime soon I just don’t want to deal with that stuff anymore. I hope you enjoyed that stuff. Hahaha. Isn’t the “Wilson’s World” sign so cool? The Wiscombs brought it over. They are here in Fernley and they are from Spanish Fork. Super nice man!

I actually had to cut my long sleeves into short sleeves because I wore the short sleeves to pieces. I hemmed the sleeves. Just letting you know. They look good and I think I’ll be good till the end of my mission. All is good here.

Love you guys,
Elder Wilson

That’s me with a bear. Very manly, I know. 

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