Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014

Do you need anything?
I just ripped another shirt. I’ll let you know if I can cope with the ones I have now or maybe I’ll need to get a new one. I’ll keep you posted. Sheets and towels are hanging in there. I have many shoes. I’ve come to like shoes on my mission.

What have you learned to cook? How often do you eat at members’ homes?
I’d say I cook pretty well. I’ve learned to make really good omelets. Lately we have been making biscuits and gravy. My favorite meal in the world! Yum! You have deprived me of that all these years. Hahaha:) We eat at members houses every night. Do you have the Elders over? I don’t think we have done that since we have moved to Utah. It’s a shame. I like when members feed us and the family is down to earth. I feel that we are that family: the kids are cool, the parents are chill, and the food is always good. We have 31 lessons planned this week. We have a lot of those by referral from members. They are really great! I like the ward here.

What is your daily schedule like?
I get up and play basketball till 7. We eat breakfast, shower, study and such till 10. Then we get to work. We have many people to visit. We always have something to do. If there is time, we walk around and talk with people. That’s always fun. We have lunch around 12 and then we go out till 5 or 6. We have dinner with members. As missionaries come into the members’ home they always treat us like kings. It’s not because we as people are special. Of course, they appreciate our sacrifice and what we are doing but, they love who we represent. When they invite us into their homes they are inviting the Lord, basically. Like the scripture says: “do it unto the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me”. What a  blessing! The work is a challenge. I love being a missionary.

Do you work well with your companion?
Since I’ve been in leadership for the past 7-8 months, I’ve been very lucky with companions. We are both focused on the work and we work well together. We are learning every day. Some days are always better than others but overall I’m really enjoying my mission. It is very true that it’s a once in a life time experience. I’m very grateful that I’ve been able to serve the Lord for these two years. I heard a story once about missionaries that were having a convert baptism. After the initial ordinance was done, the missionaries were teaching about the restoration. The most unique message to the world that we can give. In the audience there is a return missionary who is crying while they taught. After the baptism service was finished one of the missionaries went and asked if he was ok. The RM said “man, I’d give anything to be in your shoes right now. I loved being a missionary. I love the power of the spirit that I had while I taught. When I was released I knew I would never have that power as an ordained minister for the Lord Jesus Christ ever again.” Obviously, we  teach classes and things at church but for these 2 years the power of the spirit has the power to heal the wounded soul and the starving spirit. As we teach and testify and devote all our time and efforts we are the blessed! I hope I have given my all. I keep telling mom, “no regrets”. I don’t want to go home and be sorry that I didn’t work harder.

Elder Wilson

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