Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 1, 2014

I’m sorry, but, I have to make this one short. You know the couple that I was talking about last week? Well, they came to church again. The day before they had a lesson and in the beginning of the lesson he said “I was reading the Book Of Mormon and it feels true”. We were teaching the Plan Of Salvation lesson and we mixed in the law of chastity (they are not married). They took it very well. That was awesome! Super smart, very humble people and I’m so excited for the day that they can be completely clean and start over. Also we were walking from an appointment, my comp saw a lady watering her lawn and we started to talk with her. She has gone to many denominations and has actually never talked with missionaries. Her husband is actually a member, less active though but that’s still good. We had a really awesome discussion with them. She had a lot of questions and is very willing to learn. She has great faith. She said in the beginning she believes that all churches are wrong. There is always something wrong with the doctrine. So, as we have been teaching her she has had a lot of questions. I have gained a testimony of daily contact. As we make daily contact with our investigators they feel and know our love and, therefore, feel our Savior’s love through us. I feel miracles are being worked around here. I love my mission (I realize that more every day). I love you all and thanks for all your support.

Love you guys, 
Elder Wilson (from Reno, not Peru. Haha)

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