Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept. 8, 2014

This week was super good. We had a lesson with Cory and Trish (the ones that we met on the street) and we have committed them to a baptismal date. But, then we figured out that they are not married (could have fooled me and they did, haha). We taught the POS/Law of Chastity last week and they took it really well. Then we were making daily contact with them by text. Through text they said they have an announcement. We met with themon Saturday and they said they are getting married this January!  That is awesome! It’s amazing to see their progression with so little knowledge of the gospel. They dropped everything to adhere to it! That’s awesome! We went to a baptism with Cory in Fallon. It was so cool! We have a real good relationship with him and he is just the coolest guy. That was a cool experience this week. Mission Leadership Conference was super good too. When we came home that night we used the intro to the Book Of Mormon with another investigator and her less active husband. It was awesome! It was a great lesson. The MLC was a good refresher.

It’s good to hear of all the happenings with the family.
I love you all so much, 
Elder Wilson

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