Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sept. 15, 2014

Something interesting in Nevada: Burning Man just happened! It’s pretty fun to see all the people attending. In the good ole town of Fernley we have 7 people set with a baptismal date. Obviously, some are more certain than others, but we have all those people that made a commitment that when they know that these things are true they will be baptized. We are super excited for Cory and Trish. They are just boyfriend and girlfriend but since we have been meeting with them, they are now engaged and getting married in January (in fact, the day before I go home). That is nuts! We also have a guy named Brian who is super solid. Before we even met him he had finished the  Book Of Mormon and knows it is true. Now we are just giving him the lessons. He is now starting on the D&C and then going back to the Bible. He is so eager. He is awesome! We met him when he first came to church and he said he wants to see the church in action. Man, there are so many people that our Father has prepared. All we have to do is find them. That’s the members’ job but they are still gaining the courage to talk with people. In order for the work to hasten, we have to hasten. We had stake conference this past weekend in Fallon. A new stake presidency was called and we had a general authority there. They gave excellent talks about hastening the work and other things of that nature. The 70 that attended was Elder Nielson. He asked a question that I love. He said "the Lord is hastening His work. Are you?" If you’re not, you are hurting it. That really made me think. It was an awesome conference. Sadly, our Bishop (who is awesome) got called to the Stake Presidency. We have a new bishopric. That will be cool, but, sad. We have an awesome ward here (so many members fired up for missionary work). Also, this week I got the transfer call saying I will be staying here. Wup, wup! I get to help the people of Fernley a little bit longer. That is awesome! I love it here! This week was super good and a lot of fun, as always. Along with the transfer news, we were told our zone has been redefined. That gives us more time to meet people so that we can be on the hastening train. Hahaha. This place is awesome!

Love you so much,
Elder Wilson

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