Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept. 29, 2014

I got the package. It was awesome! Thank you so much! I feel bad for eating all that junk but now I feel better because I shared it all with my roommates. All is happy!

Things here in Fernley are going great. We have so much work to do that it’s awesome! I love it here and the people are somewhat nice. In the percentage of nice people we are probably 90 percent nice and only 10 percent not nice. It’s weird. We ask if we can help them or they know anyone that could use some help and they are just flat out rude to us. It’s like they see us as other than what we really are (people that have feelings too). We aren’t really bothered by it. We just walk away, go on our merry way, and just push forward. It is amazing what effect people can have on each other. This week we have had in depth discussions on Jesus Christ and His ministry. I find it absolutely fascinating: what He did, how He did it, who He did it with! We will never be able to fully comprehend. I just love the gospel and the history behind it is amazing. But, in order to believe anything, you have to have the 1st principle of the gospel: faith! That is so important! If you have nothing else and you want to start, please start with faith. I have met people that say “I will never have faith in …” (or something along those lines). I think: Why not? Do you want to live in confusion and darkness your whole life? It is sad that people will live without faith. That’s my goal to build faith in Jesus Christ one person at a time. That’s what I love doing. I will do it forever and ever. I love this work! His work will hasten with or without us! He will do what is necessary. My goal is to be standing right next to Him in the work!

I love you all so much. I love the gospel! I know it’s true! 
Elder Wilson 

Also, look on the mission’s blog for the really big service project. It was super cool! It was cool to see my past companions and such!

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