Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 4, 2014

I’m getting transferred. I don’t know on the new address but I’m going to Fallon in the Fernley 1st Ward. I’ll still be a ZL. I like leadership. I like the responsibility. Sometimes you have to make decisions that are a little less likeable but it’s good for me. It was a super shocker when I got the news that I was getting transferred. We have a baptism this Saturday, the 9th, so hopefully I can see it. His name is Michael and he is great. I leave tomorrow! I could have stayed in the YSA branch for the rest of my mission. I’m going to a family ward again. Like I told Bonnie, I will have to start being serious again. Time to kick some butt.
We had a really good week. We had exchanges with the Tahoe elders. I was down in CC this time and Elder Williamson was in Tahoe. The elder that I was with had a dentist appointment on Wed. morning so first thing we visited a dentist. They said that he needed a root canal so they scheduled him for the next day. We extended the exchange. No big deal, except Elder Williamson forgot to bring everything he would need. It was funny but I also felt bad. He made it work. The elder had the root canal (been there done all that) then we went to work. We didn’t get as many contacts as I would have liked but we got quite a few referrals. It was cool. We just talked with a lot of people. Then we zoomed back up to Tahoe and had some lunch. There are a lot of good places to eat in Tahoe. Have you guys ever been to Tahoe? We need to go there when I get back. I want to swim in the lake. It’s a beautiful place. I love it!

This week was Fast Sunday. I always bear my testimony. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before because I really enjoy it. I was thinking about my last Sunday back home (the last Fast Sunday) and how I mentioned to you, Mom, that this is my last one. Then you went up and bore your testimony. While thinking about that I remembered that I didn’t get up. I regret that. But now I love and understand why we bear testimony. It is such an amazing feeling when you hear a strong testimony, know when the spirit is present and convincing you of the truth. It impacts me so much. Just reminiscing on the good old days. These are now the new best days. I have recognized how much I have grown. It’s amazing! Before my mission I was afraid of saying a prayer in front of people. Now it’s just so natural. I have learned a lot, my testimony has grown, and I am progressing in life! I love it out here!
I love you so much!
Elder Wilson
P.S. My bike is fixed. Well, fixed enough that I can ride it.

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