Wednesday, July 23, 2014

David’s email of July 21, 2014

Well this week was really good. It could have been better lesson wise, but, people kept canceling on us. It was difficult but we made up for it as we talked with a lot of people. We had zone training this week and also we went on exchanges with the Dayton elders. It was fun. I love not really stressing about what we have to do. I love just going out and doing it. If that is what I could do for the rest of my mission I would totally accept that assignment. But, that is the whole point in missionary work: to learn to do the things that might be hard and you don’t always want to do. We get the work done. Elder Williamson and I are doing great. He is an interesting fellow. I love this guy. He is my god son. I have to love him! hahaha (Oh, missionary names. It just means that I am training him for leadership. Even though he has more leadership experience than me I am training him to be a zone leader.) It’s not that hard. I mean, I’m a zone leader and I’m, well, you know me. hahaha

The work itself is a struggle but we are doing the work. We have a baptism coming up on Aug 9th. That’s exciting. Unfortunately, Michael is going to be “aging out” of the YSA branch pretty soon. In fact, the last couple of months he was supposed to be out. We will baptize him and then basically transition him to the family ward. It’s a bummer but without rules there would be chaos. A member made us pillowcases and this is mine. It’s so sweet. This is what I’ll look like after my mission. Hahaha. I’ll look good.

Mom, I love you! It is a wonderful thing that your boys are doing: serving the Lord. I’m grateful for my life and that you have helped me to become a servant of the Lord. Your boys are being blessed every day because of you.
I love you all, a lot. Always know that.
Elder Wilson

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