Wednesday, July 23, 2014

David’s email of July 14, 2014

Well, how has the week been? Looks like a lot of crazy stuff is happening. Sarah got married, Danny’s farewell talk, and then leaving on his mission. That is so cool! May I receive pictures of these glorious moments? Send pics of Danny and his final moments of his past life. He will be changed after his mission adventures! I loved it when you said that I would be proud of Danny. This mission thing is not easy but so worth it. I can imagine being sent to a different country that the Lord has blessed him with a mind to bare the trials and the struggles that he will face there. I’m so glad that I was able to share my experiences with him. I know that he is dedicated to his mission. I can’t wait to hear of his experiences in Peru and the MTC. It will be cool to call home at Christmas and you’ll be talking with both of us. I got a call from the bike shop that the bike that I bought from a missionary is unrepairable. I will hopefully get some money back from the missionary that sold me the bike. Then maybe I’ll be able to take some of the parts from that bike that might fit on my old bike. We shall see. This week we had MLC and received word that we might get Ipads in SEPT – at least by early next year. Maybe I’ll see the Ipad in my time of service. I think that will be neat to be a part of.
We had a really good week. We are talking with everyone. We don’t always see the fruits for ourselves because we are looking for a specific group of people (the YSA) but we hand off a lot of contacts. This week was  a neat experience. We were walking back to our car that we had parked at the church building to go home. A lady was walking her bike back to her place and we started talking to her. “How’s it going? Where you off to?” Just making small talk. “Have you ever talked with missionaries before?” She said “no”. I asked “Have you ever been to an LDS church before?” She said “no”. I asked, “do you want to?” She said “sure”. I was like “Sweet. Step right this way.” We showed her the FHC and also the chapel. She was rushing through it. So we said goodbye, got her address and contact info, and gave her ours. We sent the referral in. Yesterday she gave us a call and wanted to see us on Tuesday this week. That was  a cool experience because you never know what people are going through and who has been prepared by the Lord to receive His message. That’s why it is so important to talk with Everyone and let the spirit guide. When you don’t know what to say just listen to that still small voice whispering

Do Grandmom and PopPop have an email that I can send things to? I feel bad for not being a better letter writer.
I love you so much!
Elder Wilson

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