Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 9, 2014

So, yeah, I chipped my front tooth. I’m not in pain. It’s just ugly. It can wait till I get home. If I have a dentist in a ward or something before then, I’ll get it fixed. I’m just going with the flow. It’s not a big deal…just so you know my teeth aren’t as perfect as when I left. hahaha.

This week was great. We had a lot of good things happen. A lot of people giving us referrals and realizing their role in the work. Pretty sweet! My whole goal when I got in this area was just to leave it better than when I came. A transfer and a half later, just know I’m doing my best. Missionary work is hard. Since my arrival we have gone through all the resources we have. We had exhausted all resources. We had to buckle down and start finding the YSA investigators. It was rough. We are supposed to be finding new investigators every day. As we go from place to place we talk with everyone but when it was a dire need to find people (as we had none) that was the moment we put into play all the “know how” we have. We started seeing some results. Not in our efforts, but, when we asked…the Lord provided. Other missionaries answered our prayers and found YSA investigators for us as well. It’s been a major blessing. The president has been super stressing getting out of the car and walking/biking around. It will be great. Knowing the vision of the president other missionaries have been great about limiting their own miles to give us enough to reach the entire district of YSA. We had a leadership meeting. It was super great! I learned a lot and now we will train the zone of 36. It will be crazy. We have some things planned that will be super awesome and I’m excited for it. We went to Virginia City this week. It was surprising how many things are going on in a ghost town. We went to contact a referral but found he wasn’t interested. I will be going up to Tahoe this week on exchanges. That will be fun. It’s a Spanish speaking area (I can understand the basic conversation but may need a translator).

Love ya,
Elder Wilson

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