Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 2, 2014 email

The past couple of weeks have been awesome! We had zone conference last week and it was mainly to boost our spirits and encourage us to talk to EVERYONE. We gave a training at zone conference. (We give a lot of trainings.) After the training and zone conference I went up to an Elder who had been my zone leader in the past. I asked him what I could improve on. He said "remember what I told you when you first got called as a zone leader. I said that you will make a great ZL because you are very relatable. Your personality is what you bring to the table. It’s not ALL doctrine that you are teaching but the heart that you present.” I thought that was so awesome! I thought about it and I’m excited for the next training. I can make it more personable. Teaching makes me happy. If all the members and the missionaries did their part to invite their friends and everyone that they meet on the streets to take the discussions the work would be finished! It would be so awesome. Until that point we have to do our part. Mighty miracles come from the work. I see it every day in people that I come in contact with. Even in myself. I’m strengthening my armor every day. It’s so cool to think about!

At the end of the zone conference the whole zone was giving us YSA referrals left and right. We started hitting them up this week and now we have many people that are potential investigators. It’s awesome! One referral was especially cool. We call this guy and he says: “I’m so glad you called.” But it seemed like he was distracted during the call. He tells us he’ll call us later. A few days go by and nothing. We give him another call and again he seems really glad. He gives us his address. We hit the address and a guy answers the door with a neck brace in some weird part of town. We ask if “so and so” lives there and he says no. (The name is a nickname and it’s pretty weird.) We think ‘bad address’ so we call the phone number one more time. He says he’s sorry but he can’t see us right then. He asked us to come back on Thursday. But, Thursday was bad for us because we did exchanges in Dayton. BTW: the missionaries I was assigned to for exchanges were sick and I stayed inside all day. There was really nothing I could do. They were sleeping and puking. Anyway, later we text the referral and ask if Saturday would work. So, we are parked at his house on Saturday and talking in the car. Maybe a minute goes by and this guy walks up to the car. He asks “what’s up fellas?” We ask if he is “so and so”? We had finally met up. We go inside and he starts telling us about himself. One of the things he says is that he has a girlfriend and he is having a baby. (Dang. He is not YSA.) We state our purpose and his girlfriend sticks her head out. She says that she’ll be out in a minute so we can pray. We think: “Awesome! These are really great people.” They tell us that there are evil spirits in the house and they want us to leave a blessing on the house in the form of a prayer. Then they said they could feel the evil spirit leave as the prayer was said. They said they feel really good. The girl friend thanked us for coming and asked when we could come back. Without us even responding she asked, “tomorrow?” We said we have church tomorrow and asked if they would come. They said “maybe, I have to work but for sure next week”. So, we set up another time to meet with them. I just thought it was really cool that they were so excited to see us and how much they wanted to say a prayer. Remember when we were talking on Mother’s Day about ‘golden investigators’ and people who seem to have been really prepared? Well, I’d like to think that they are some that are prepared by the Lord to hear the gospel. They have had events in their lives that brought them to the point of change. It was so awesome! That was a really great day!

We have had a lot of new people placed in our path this week. Super great and just what we want. Also on Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting. (In a YSA BRANCH it means not a lot of people get up to bare testimony.) My companion and I got up to bear our testimonies. I’m thinking if I keep giving trainings and bearing my testimony, I will be a better public speaker and be that outgoing guy that I want to be. After church we had break the fast. It was great. Then we got started talking with the branch president and we spoke of the vision of the branch. It was the best talk I have ever had with him. It was great. Now we have a better idea of what he wants, expects, and how we can help with the missionary effort. When we got home and changed from our suits we got on our bikes and started talking with everyone we saw. We had a lot of great conversations. Just planting those seeds for missionaries and members to harvest later. I loved it!

Oh, I chipped my tooth. Just an FYI so you won’t be wondering what happened when I see you next or I send you  a picture. (I chipped it by eating a girl scout cookie. I don’t know how it happened.)

I just love my mission. I have no regrets. I have grown to what a good missionary should be and I hope what Heavenly Father sees in me. But, I’m not finished. That’s the rally cry that I’ll leave with you from this email. This is the last couple of months of my mission. Some think that they are done a month or 2 before going home. Not me! I’m not finished until I’m in your arms, Mom :) It will be a happy day!
Elder Wilson

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