Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014

Transfer calls came on Sunday and I am staying with Elder Reeder for another transfer. I’m excited that the Gardnerville and Carson City Zones will be combining. Elder Reeder and I will be doing a lot of work. I enjoy this stuff. I love helping people. It always gives me a good feeling inside.

It was really good week. We had a general authority and his wife come to the mission. His name was Elder Teh. They are really cool! He just has that fun personality that you expect from a general authority. It was pretty cool. Elder Teh, his wife, and President Hermansen came to our house and inspected it. They were really pleased with it. It’s weird to think that a general authority came to your house. It’s like a rock star or an actor came to your place. That’s how high up! I wanted to get his autograph but I got something better: a Toblerone and a picture with him. (It’ll be on the mission blog. I want a copy of that.) He was just a really cool guy and he gave us (as leaders) words of advice. Pretty cool! Also this week we were able to witness a baptism. Her name was Bree. She is the one that I was talking to you about Sunday. She is “golden”! Just very prepared! It was awesome! It was a blessing to see her progress and be part of that process. I participated in my first baptismal interview this week. At first I thought it was going to be nerve racking. But, I got in and did what I had been taught. I love seeing converts or soon-to-be converts at this point in life. I think of where they were and where they are now as they get close to our Savior and see the hand of the Lord. It’s amazing! I’m so blessed to be out here in this point in time.

Goals that I have been thinking about:
To always stay obedient. Strive to be obedient to the very end of my mission. Some missionaries get “trunky” and want to go home. I think that’s a very important goal to have: push through and remain busy. The next couple of goals have to do with having Christ like attributes. If I gain them on my mission, I can keep them and perfect them. When you are on your mission, you see all of the good, and at times, all of the bad in yourself too. The work is hard but as we gain those Christ like attributes our lives will be better and we act in the manor of our Savior, the perfect example in all things. The Lord and our Father in Heaven see greatness in all of us. If we could envision ourselves the way that they know us it would blow us away! Knowledge is definitely an attribute of Christ. But, that needs to be in its own category of goals. That’s our whole purpose in life: to learn. I want the search for gospel knowledge to keep me going. I have a good understanding of the gospel, but, I want a greater understanding :) You know what I mean? Well, those are my goals right now. Most of them will be a lifelong search. Some will be achieved as I put my all into this wonderful work! It’s such a blessing to be out here! I love it so much! My testimony is getting stronger each and every day. I read the Book of Mormon and the layers of truth continue to get bigger and bigger. It will never weaken or disappear! It’s the same with all the principles of the gospel!

Mom, it was so great to talk to you and see the family through Skype for Mother’s Day. I’m excited for Sarah. The family is growing. Just more people to love when I get home. I didn’t cry much after I hung up. Hahaha. JK. It made me happy. Soon enough I will be home and we will all be together.
Elder Wilson   

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