Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 28, 2014 Email

This week was really good…not lesson wise, but, doing all that I can. It was unfortunate that we didn’t get a lot of lessons this week. For some reason everyone kept canceling. That just means I have to try harder and be more consecrated (which I want to be). We went on exchanges with the District leader in Dayton this week. It was just exhausting! I didn’t sleep well and they weren’t doing everything they can and are supposed to do. I had to kindly correct them. But, it came off judgmental. I’m working on the attribute of “love” to allow me to be a better leader (for now and the future). I talked to the President about it and he was very helpful and encouraging. I love it and I love him for doing so. “Love” is a great attribute that every other attribute comes from. We got back Tuesday afternoon in time for dinner and then a meeting with the Stake President. He and one of his counselors asked us a great question: How can missionaries pump up the morale and boost the attitude about missionary work among the ward members? How can members become motivated to ask their friends to take the discussions? Very tough questions for me. Before my mission I wasn’t very missionary oriented. Granted, I didn’t have many non-member friends. I wish I would have so that I can go home and invite them to take the lessons. What do you think about the question? What would get you motivated to ask your nonmember friends to take the lessons? That’s the thing that we struggle with the most: referrals from members. They say that they don’t have any non-member friends.

I gave a talk this week in the branch. It went really well. I really love preparing and giving talks (although I was kind of out of it due to the sickness). I still felt the spirit and the guidance through it. It goes to show that the Lord is powerful. Even when you are physically weak, He will provide as you do His work. It’s awesome! We have a mission tour and a General Authority is coming. His name is Elder Teh. He and his wife are coming this next week.
I love you all so much I am grateful for all that you do for me. Know that I am alright. I did get sick this week so it has been fun. But, I’m alright. The Lord is in my work every day. I’m giving it my all for Him so that I may be found spotless at the last day (Jacob 1:19). May the Lord bless you in all ways that you need and that He sees fit. He loves you and I love you.

Hurrah for Israel! Have you ever seen that clip when Brigham Young and Heber J Grant are leaving on a mission to England but are very sick? As they pull away in the wagon leaving their families (that are also very sick) they stand up and give them a rally cry. They want their families to know that they will be taken care of and that the work is moving forward. I’m pretty sure Aunt Denise told me that before my mission (after watching that clip for myself, it made more sense).

Love, Elder Wilson

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