Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The one year mark is approaching very quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’ve been out here that long. I’ve only been in 3 areas and had 5 companions. It’s crazy! I feel a little anxious to come home and start life back up. I’m also scared to start life back up. I joke around with people when they ask what I’ll go to school for, what I’m going to do for work. I say I’m just going to be a professional missionary. Stay out in the field forever. Some days it would be the ideal situation. Other days I’m ready to get home. Those days don’t come often, but, sometimes they come. It makes the better days even sweeter and makes me appreciate/really take in why I’m out here.

Well, this past week was awesome! We had 2 of our investigators get baptized and confirmed. I had the privilege to baptize Jose and Elder Whipple baptized Marco. There were tons of people there from the ward for support. The Stake President was even there and talked about them going on missions. We performed the confirmation the following Sunday. It was a great experience! We called for a ride that Sunday morning (since we don’t have a car anymore) and asked if we could swing by Jose and Marco's house. When we pulled up to their house their uncle said in Spanish they had gone to the church. (Oh, I am picking up a lot of Spanish. Not really, but, I know more than I did when I came out.) We got to the church and they were waiting for us to arrive. It was great! The day after they got baptized they had questions about missions. They want to go on splits with Elder Whipple and I. I’m so excited for these 2 well prepared young men.

This week we had tons of adventures. We are back to bikes and it’s always fun on the ice. I fell a few times but no damage yet. HE hE hE ha ha ha. We also went to a less actives home. While we were talking a neighbor comes over and gives him this authentic Mexican dish. We asked “what is that?” They said something in Spanish and he offered us some. I said I was good, thank you. My comp said that he’d have a little bit. When the neighbor left we asked the less active what it was. He said it was cow stomach (the lining of the stomach). I was a little grossed out by it but my comp went to town on this dish. The neighbor comes back with a bowl for my comp. It’s weird looking but apparently its a delicacy in Mexico. I tried some. It was gross. It has a fatty texture that I don’t really care for. They added lime, onions, and jalapenos to it. It tasted better but the texture was still there. I was done after a few bites. At least I can say that I had cow stomach! I’m guessing not many of you can say that. Last week was a fun week and we have 2 more baptisms coming up this week. We are very excited for that and happy for them. January 17 is the baptism date. It’s awesome out in Ely! I’m so excited to be out here!

I love you so much.
Elder Wilson

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