Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 30, 2013

This was a difficult week to find work due to the fact that it is Christmas. (Everyone is out of town.) But, I enjoyed the week. We had lots of fun and got to see tons of people: like Bro. Kipp and his family. They were the highlight of the week. Being able to talk to the family was awesome too. Unfortunately, it put me in the dumps for a little while. I got over it. 

I figured out that the family that we live with (Bro & Sis. Briggs) know you guys by way of Bro. Briggs' sister. Her last name is Reaves now. I guess she changed my diapers when I was a little kid in California. You know her well and have her as a Facebook friend. I was able to talk to her for a little while. She is going to Provo today. You should get in contact with her and see her. She is a very nice lady. It was funny. I was passing the sacrament in the ward. I passed it to her row and I thought "she looks very familiar". Then she asked her brother, Bro. Briggs, "Is that Elder Wilson?" She said, "I think I know his family". Bro Briggs came up to me after sacrament and asked how long ago I had lived in California. I told him about 7 years ago. He asked if it was the Temecula area. He said that I probably knew his sister. I told him that I thought she looked familiar. Crazy! It just makes me realize that there are no coincidences in this world! It was destiny for me to be living at Bro and Sis Briggs house on my mission!
So, on the 26th of December I had the opportunity to see Bro Kipp and his family. I knew they were going to ride the train to Ely. I went to the train station and left a card with my number. We went to dinner as usual and got a call from a Utah phone number. I put it on silent. After dinner I saw there was a voicemail. "Hello. I'm new in Ely. I need help with religion. I'd like to learn more about this Mormon church." I called back knowing that it was Bro Kipp. We met at McDonald's and talked for an hour. When we got up to get going Bro Kipp, being the generous man that he is, gives me gifts. They asked what we are doing for breakfast the next day. So, he takes us to breakfast and we have a really good time. It made me really homesick for like 20 minutes. Then we went back to work as much as we could. (Keep in mind that it was Christmas time and it was a tough week for contacts.) I loved seeing them! 

I loved my present that Santa (AKA my loving parents) gave me. We went to a lot of parties. We received a bunch of food. Bro and Sis Briggs had Christmas yesterday because their daughter came home from her mission on Saturday. So, we had second Christmas with more presents and more fun. They made breakfast and their whole family was there because of the homecoming. I love the Briggs. They are awesome people.
Daddy, I love you so much. I hope you have a happy birthday (I remembered!!!!!!)
Family, I love you so much and hope all of you have a good week.
Elder Wilson

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