Monday, December 30, 2013

December 16, 2013

I was walking down a hill that was pretty steep. My companion went first to check if it was safe. He goes down with perfection. I’m thinking “if he can do it, so can I”. I go down very slowly to make sure nothing happens. That was my first mistake. A car goes by and then backs up. A lady gets out of the car and asks if we want a ride. (It was like 10 degrees outside.) My companion yells to me, “Elder Wilson, hurry up!” I head down a few more steps and the lady is calling out as commentator. “Oh, oh, oh!” she says with each step. I take another step and then boom! I fall, sliding down the hill. She commentates, “Oh, their he goes!” My companion is just cracking up. He’s laughing like a mad man. I get up and check the damage. All is good, except my watch broke off. I grab it and saw that the pin broke. (The husband of the family that we live with was going to SLC. I asked him if he can get a pin for me. A day later it was fixed.) The whole ‘falling down the hill’ experience was funny. I’m laughing. 

This week was great. We had people come to church from both wards. I was happy. We have many people set for baptism in the near future. Our teaching pool is getting bigger and bigger each day. Oh, how I love it. Saturday we were visiting one of the families that had come to church. I noticed that one of the kids' leather jacket was torn at the seam. Being an excellent sewer, I asked if they would allow me to sew it up. There was just one condition: He had to come to church to get it back. He agreed. That night I was sewing up a leather jacket (which wasn’t difficult but challenging to meet the deadline). I did it. It looked good. I was excited to get the jacket back to him and see both him and his family at church. He was there with his older brother and his 2 younger siblings! They want to be baptized. It was great. They stayed all 3 hours!

We got a car this past Friday. We are able to visit everyone now with no restrictions. Nothing to hold us back! We had zone conference and then a Christmas party with our zone. It was great. We got a lot of gifts from the sisters in the stake. Also a gift from Pres. and Sis. Hermansen. Cool! I enjoyed all the fun at the conference. The zone conference pumped us up and re-motivated us to do the work. It was great! 

Note to Danny:
What an exciting time to be you right now. I remember when I was in your shoes. Except, you jumped on many opportunities that I didn't. You went to college and got a great career lined up. You are preparing yourself physically for the hard and great task of missionary life. It’s not easy, but, worth it! Put it in your mind that people will think you are weird, but, it’s OK. They need to hear this message. You’re doing the work of the Lord. He will not let you down, I promise. Let me know when you put in your papers. I'm excited for you. That's great that you are reading the Book of Mormon. No doubt in my mind that the Book of Mormon is true!

Danny, I’m so proud of you and the commitments that you are starting to make. Go into your mission 100%. Don’t go halfway. I’ve seen people come out on their mission only to go home early. I think it’s sad. Some men and women just aren't prepared. I thought maybe that I wasn’t but, as I kept going and did my best…well, I’m almost out for a year. Pretty crazy. Time flies, that’s for sure. Prepare yourself champ! As Christmas comes around I am really thinking about the family. It makes me homesick. But, it doesn't make me want to go home. I’m excited to talk to the family on Christmas. I love you so much. 
Your brother serving the Lord.
Elder Wilson

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