Monday, August 5, 2013

July 29, 2013

We didn't have Mitch’s baptism after all. On his baptism day, Mitch let us know he wouldn't be going through with it. This week we went to see how things were going for him. He told us to stop coming over. After months of talking to him and seeing his progress, he put it all to an end. It is sad to see the Lord work on him in so many ways and then Satan steps in and ruins it all. I know it’s not done for Mitch. He’ll come around. Elder Loveridge has been transferred. I am just now getting my second companion, Elder Von Bose. Thinking back on the past six months with Elder Loveridge: he was a great missionary and a true friend. I hope we will be friends after our missions. Elder Von Bose has good ideas. This week I have been reading a lot of talks from the Ensign. I love the section called “LDS Voices”. Saints speak of experiences and hardships they overcame through the gospel. I love it! The spirit is strong as I read them. I’m grateful for my family. My family has given me the strength to make it on a mission!

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