Monday, August 26, 2013

August 6, 2013

This week went okay. We had a lot of people at church which was great. In the beginning of church the power went out. Water is in a well system with electric pumps and we weren’t sure if we would be able to prepare the sacrament. It all worked out. Also on Sunday the Branch mission leader called a meeting and asked for more support from the members. That’s what we need as we are slowly running out of investigators. In the “Preach My Gospel” it says that members should be referring friends/neighbors to the missionaries. That’s what we covenanted to do when we were baptized. It’s nice to see the members support. We have three lessons tonight, which is great! Elder Von Bose and I are doing great. This guy is super smart. He reads a lot and he can answer deep doctrine questions for investigators. I’m learning a lot from Elder Von Bose.
                I hit my six-month mark on July 23rd! I guess missionaries burn a tie at six-months, a shirt at 12 months, pants at 18 months, and a suit at 24 months. I don’t know that I’ll burn pants or suit but the tie was fun. (It was a dollar store tie.) I’ve learned a lot and changed much to become the missionary the Lord wants me to become. I’m here to share the Gospel with my brothers and sisters.

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