Monday, August 26, 2013

August 12, 2013

I read the BYU Devotional, “What If Love Were Our Only Motive?” by Russell t. Osguthorpe. I loved it! I like reading first hand experiences of how the gospel blesses individuals. Bro. Osguthorpe’s brother-in-law witnessed the love of the home teacher and the RS President. It turned his life around. He became an active member of the church because of love. It goes to show that missionaries are not bringing people into the church, it’s the love of the members: Those who go out of their way to send a postcard or knock on a grieving saints door to further the Lord’s work. It shows me that I have to love my investigators, less active members and active members as much as I love my family so the work of the Lord will continue in a way that pleases Him. I know my love for the people of Nevada continues to increase!

Elder Wilson

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