Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 2

It’s been a super busy week! We have been riding our bikes everywhere to conserve miles to get to church. Riding bikes, wearing dark pants, and a shirt buttoned up to your neck in this heat…woof! We are planning for a baptism of 3 investigators (mom and 2 kids) on Saturday
. They are super awesome people! We were introduced to them as we did service for them. Soon they had questions about Mormons celebrating holidays. That was it! Four months later and they will be baptized! The baptism is on July 6th at 1pm and I’m super excited! It’s been a long journey for them and they have finally arrived. They are really excited. We asked the Branch President to speak at their baptism and then he asked us to give talks on Sunday. I gave my first 20 minute “big kid” talk on following the prophet. It went well. I used quotes from those talks you’ve been sending me, Mom. My Book of Mormon reading is going well. My favorite book is Mosiah because of King Benjamin. That guy is awesome! I’m learning a lot and making adjustments in my teaching as I go along. I can always do better. I send the message of Mormon 9:31 to all.

Love you so much,
Elder Wilson

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