Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 10, 2013

Sorry I haven’t written. It was a pretty crazy 2 weeks. We were living with five other missionaries in an apartment with one shower. We were sleeping on the living room floor and living out of our suitcases. (Most of our stuff we just left in the car.) Last Monday we moved into our new place. Moving is pretty easy when you have just a few belongings. We have a trailer all to the two of us. The only down side is the trailer has no oven or microwave. The days are getting hot. But it’s ok because we have a swamp cooler in our new place. It’s pretty nice.

Wow! 59,000 missionaries out in the field. That is crazy. I’m one of them and my friends. I’m so blessed! Your son is doing well in the Walker Branch. We just got word that we will be together, Elder Loveridge and I, for the next six weeks. That’ll be 9 months for Elder Loveridge and 6 months for me in the Walker Branch. Crazy! We told the people that we are teaching and they were happy that we will be around. They’ve grown to like us. Weird! I enjoy the work. I enjoy teaching about the Plan of Happiness. We are promised that if we follow the commandments faithfully we will be happy. Your missionary is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, doing fine, and loving it!

Love you so much,
Elder Wilson

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