Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stories That Have Strengthened David's Faith

It was my first day in the mission field. We hadn’t had much luck with any of our appointments. It was almost time for dinner but I needed to use the restroom. We went to a local mini-mart to use the bathroom. A man saw us at the mini-mart and flagged us down. He introduced himself as a member of the church but “really, really less active”. He had just moved to the area a few months ago and wanted to come back to church. We met with him every week for the next three months. Just recently he started coming back to church. I could see the Lord’s hand in that one. Every time we met with him he would say that the spirit was getting stronger and he was recognizing it. It was amazing! (If I hadn’t had to use the bathroom that day, we would never have met him!)

This week we were getting ready to bike to Tre. I got on my bike and started going to our next appointment about two miles away. I got to the appointment and turned around expecting to see Elder Loveridge. He is nowhere to be seen. I was worried. That’s not normal. About 30 minutes go by while I pray for guidance and direction. After 30 minutes I got on my bike and started riding home. I went less than 50 yards and an investigator pulls up. He asked what I was doing. I tell him the story and my concerns. He got in his car and went to find Elder Loveridge. I know that the Lord was watching over us. (That investigator doesn’t live in that area, but, was making a random visit to his parents’ home.) I am indeed certain that Heavenly Father was with me helping me to remain there for 30 minutes. It turns out that Elder Loveridge’s bike tire popped soon after he had gotten on his bike. I hadn’t even realized. That was a great experience for me!

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