Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 1, 2013

This week has been great! We had tons of fun and we were super busy. No dull moments, keeping busy the whole time.

Monday we had family home evening with the people we are living with. We played a game, had dinner and shared a spiritual thought. On Tuesday we went to Gardnerville for a district meeting. The topic was having desire and how we can grow our desire to serve. It was a great meeting. We went out to eat at Taco Bell. The Doritos tacos are good. They have cool ranch! Danny will have to get on that. YUM! Wednesday we had a lesson with the Lowerys. We showed and explained the Restoration video to the daughter. She really enjoyed it. We are going to play basketball with her today. (Hopefully she remembers.)

We have been biking everywhere. Brutal! Sometimes we forget to eat dinner (I know what you are thinking: How can he forget! I know. It just slips my mind and I’m so busy that it doesn’t matter.) We show our inactive members a lot of Mormon Messages. They like them. Unfortunately, it is not a dvd that is given to each missionary. Elder Loveridge owns it. So, when he leaves or gets transferred I won’t have that. Can you get me a copy of those? They’re in Deseret Book. They usually have 20 messages to a disc. I don’t know if they have different ones to choose from but any would be good. It would be super cool if you could get that to me. Thank you.

We have been talking to a guy that has been inactive for a good 15 years. He had an injury that caused him to have an arched back. He’s afraid to come to church. But, he said that this Sunday he will come. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and D&C . He read the entire D&C in like 1 day. He is awesome. We first made contact with him on my first day out in the field. It’s been cool to see his progression in such a short period of time. God is really preparing people to hear us. I have been reading the book that Sis. Kipp has given me, The Greatest Quest. It is really good. It has 42 points in the Bible talking about Christ’s true church. On Friday we talk to a guy that has a lot of doubts. We typed up those points. The book also has referances to the Bible so we were going to give him a copy of the points so he can read over them. Unfortunately, he was not there. We willl give it to him next week. That book is awesome. I have been reading it all week and I’m almost finished. I dont know why, but, ever since I’ve been out here I just want to learn. It doesn’t even have to pertain to the gospel. I feel confident in the things that I know and share with people. It’s truly a blessing. I love it out here. There are times that are tough. I know you say that nothing big is happening but I feel like im missing something.  I just tell myself to forget myself and go to work. That’s what I do.

We went to Bridgeport and tried to talk to a Spanish family. I have learned some Spanish. It’s neat. We went to the Inwoods and had a delicious meal. We set up his computer. He wants to start writing a book and also do some geneology. That’s what we have been talking to them about: Going to the temple and family history. They are really excited. This time we talked about scripture reading. I felt inspired to ask them about their scripture reading. We started a really great discussion about it. In the end they committed to reading some chapters. It was a really good night.

We went to TRE and I learned how to make an arrowhead. We also learned how to pick a lock. Pretty neat! We asked the Gagnons what they want out of the lessons. They want to take the lessons and be baptized. We were pretty excited! Easter Sunday we had a wonderful church day. The Gagnons came to church and we had dinner with them. We had ham and turkey and also candied yams (which I love) and mashed potatoes and corn and stuffing and green beans. It felt like Thanksgiving! I was stuffed. We gave them the Restoration lesson and then we blessed the house. They have been going to church off and on for 12 years and he has been through countless missionaries. He said if he was going to get baptized it would be from our names because: my name is Wilson (like the volleyball from Cast Away) and Loveridge because it’s a cool name. Our personalities just connect. We had a really good Sunday. So that was my week. It was a good one. We got lots of candy and I love it. Lots of learning in the field. It’s awesome. I love learning everything!

I love you guys. Have a good week.
All my love,
Elder David Wilson

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