Friday, March 29, 2013

March 25, 2013

This week was amazing. Going backwards…Sunday we had church and we blessed the Sacrament. Really nothing extraordinary, but, as we did people just started to file in. By the end of Sacrament we had 40 people. I know what you are thinking. That’s it? I was stoked because that is the most people we have had…ever. That’s what the Branch President said. It was amazing. Elder Loveridge and I taught Gospel Essentials. It went well. After church we ate. It was Soup Sunday which is on the 4th Sunday of the month. Really good food. We talked with Bro. Gagnon (part-member family) and he said that he wanted to take the lessons. Super awesome!

My companion, Elder Loveridge is the new district leader. On Saturday we went to Gardnerville for him to attend a training meeting. I went on exchanges with Elder Thomas and Elder Palmer. Their companions had gone with Elder Loveridge. Yeah, it was all the junior companions together. We gave a lesson to a part-member family and the member is inactive. We talked and answered questions. When I’m away from Walker I’m in the zone. The spirit is with me. I’m answering questions and the words just come to me. Wow! But, when I’m in Walker I’m just blank. I think when I take the lead in the discussion I stay focused easier. We also went tracting. We were taking turns with knocking on doors and it was scary. You know me, I’m a shy guy. (ha ha ha. just kidding) We got 3 potential investigators. It was really cool. I say to myself,  “This is what I’m here for: to share the gospel. So do it. Don’t be scared. God is with me.” At the end of the exchange we went back to Walker. I fell asleep on the ride home. It was nice. I’m so tired nowadays! Maybe because all my hard work? We had hot dogs for dinner. You know about me and my hotdogs. We had a contest. Long story short…I won. Then we did a water drinking contest. I won. Then we timed ourselves to see who can stack cups the fastest. I won. I’m just super skilled!

On Friday we went to Bridgeport. We were planning to talk to a Spanish speaking family. We called the sisters and learned some legitimate Spanish this time. The sisters that taught us some Spanish kept laughing at us. We were trying but failing. Luckily for the family, they weren’t home. We have another week to learn Spanish.

Wednesday we had a lesson with the Lowery family. We taught about the restoration. It went very well. They committed to come to church. I was so happy! That night we had dinner with the Toskins. Also a lesson with the Du Puis. They really like the Mormon Messages. By Tuesday, unfortunately, I was so sick. When I was feeling better we went to the Sams for dinner. We played Pictionary and we set a goal for them to go to the temple in 6 weeks. Totally awesome! For P-day we went to Gardnerville to shop. We went to Gardnerville Manor where the other missionaries live. We played Nerf wars and sang some songs. It was the last week of the transfer so we said our goodbyes to the missionaries that are leaving. We took some pictures with each other. That’s it for the week. Lots of good, busy times…we are preparing many people to go to the temple and just a lot of progress in the branch.
Pretty exciting!
Love you all so much. Have a good week.
Love Elder Wilson

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