Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 18, 2013


This past week I got three packages on the same day. It was awesome! Thank you to everyone! I love all the new ties and tasty treats. Scrumdiddlyumptious! I love everything. Can you send another short sleeved white shirt? Boy, it’s hot when you are biking up these hills.

Teaching this week: We weren’t able to connect with Tyler. He’s visiting his mom. It’s another obstacle, but, it will all work out. If it is time for them to be baptized the Lord will prepare them spiritually, mentally and physically. We were  not able to visit the family this week. The mother was sick all week and they are busy selling Girl Scout cookies. We stopped by and gave them the Book of Mormon. They said they have a problem understanding it. Hopefully, we will meet with them this week and answer their questions. Since there is no male in the home, we need to bring a member with us to visit. With only 23 active members in the branch, that’s hard. We’ll figure it all out and give you some good news next week.

Study: We have been reading in the Bible because we are talking with a man that only believes in the Bible. He’s reading a more modern version of the Bible which changes some of the meanings. We are searching for scriptures that refer to the Book of Mormon. Teaching him is tough because he knows the Bible verses. All we can do is share our message. This is a message from the Lord and people have to pray for themselves to believe. We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to read it. Reading from the Bible has been great. I like reading the New Testament and the stories of Jesus Christ’s life.

I got to participate in my first blessing. I did the anointing. I was nervous because you have to say it perfectly and in the right order. I will study it and get it down this week. I’ll be better prepared next time. This week I have learned to be bold when I speak to people. They are all my brothers and sisters and I want them to have the gospel in their lives. When you care about people you can say bold things and it will be taken well. I had an experience where I was able to be bold. I went by the Holy Ghost and felt I knew what needed to be said. It was amazing!

It has been a very productive and worthwhile week. I love it out here. The Walker area is growing on me. I went on exchanges this week to Gardnerville. It was awesome to see how they do it in Gardnerville. I did some service there and had some taco soup with a member. I didn’t realize how outgoing I am. It’s a good thing out here. I’m being myself more and people can see that I’m genuine. They are comfortable with me. Everything is great here and we are really seeing improvement.

It’s really happening down here! I hope all is well on that side of the world. (Haha)
I love you all.
Elder David Wilson

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