Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8, 2013

So, this week we were busy but some things were more memorable than others.

Monday we went to a less active members house. We answered a lot of his questions. The spirit was guiding us the entire time. We were guided on how to address the questions. It was amazing! Tuesday we had zone conference. It was in Carson. We had to get up at 5 in the morning! Brutal! The conference lasted 8 hours. (We took some pics and they should be on the mission blog.) The mission president spoke for another hour asking us questions. I just didn’t have the right mood to see it as a learning experience. I was tired. We went to a thrift store and I bought some cool ties and some more t shirts.

Wednesday we stayed in Walker and met some people that are possible investigators. It’s sweet. Then I gave my first blessing. I will never forget that experience. I cried a little because the spirit in that room (while I gave the blessing and afterwards) was so amazing! On Thursday…this a memory day! We drove to TRE. We had a few lessons and we were biking everywhere. I was doing the slingshot thing on my bike (I pull him back to get a boost. A stupid thing.) Then Elder Loveridge tried to do it but instead of pulling himself forward he pulled himself into me. We crashed. He got the narliest road rash I’ve seen in a while.  It was kind of funny. I just got a little rasberry on my elbow and my pants got a little torn. I’ll sew them up and it will be a good memory. Our bikes are a little messed up. We haven’t looked at them since the accident because he is in bad condition to bike. Also, right now, it’s snowing outside. What about over there? No worries, we are both fine. He won’t sue. I asked. (hahahaha) But, seriously, it’s all good. It’s a funny experience. That night we had a lesson with our investigators. Yeah, we are devoted. On Friday we took some time to heal. Then we went to talk to a guy that is worried about our personal salvation. Kind of funny. He said that our testimonies sounded rehearsed. That’s what we are dealing with. Nice guy though. Then we went to Bridgeport. We had a wonderful lesson with the Inwoods and had an amazing feast of shrimp and rice! Saturday we just watched General Conference. It was good. I took a lot of notes. Priesthood session was amazing. Boy, that was my favorite session. On Sunday we did the same thing. Really good Conference. This is the first year, to be honest, that I watched all the sessions. I can’t wait for 6 months until the next one! That’s my week. It was a good week.

I love you family. Hope you had a good GC. Tell me what you learned. I can use it to increase my testimony and the others I share with. This is something I learned: a mission is not just for the elders or sisters enjoyment. It is the family’s enjoyment as well. The blessings and learning that a family gets from sending a missionary is amazing too. Hope that makes sense. I love you family.

All my love.
Elder Wilson

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