Monday, February 4, 2013

The First Letters!

Here are some excerpts from his letters. He's sent two by mail, the last is his p-day e-mail! He sounds like he's loving his experience!

Jan 25th

David is enjoying the MTC experience. He is getting along “great” with his MTC companion. “I’m still getting used to the idea of him sitting outside the stall when I’m going to the bathroom. I’ll learn. Today’s been fun and hard. I don’t know much it seems, but, I will and I love you guys. We did a role play scenario where there were investigators. They were in different stages in the gospel. The questions they asked are not hard questions to answer, but, I had no idea how to answer them. The spirit was strong and it is still my first day. I know I will learn more. With all my love, Elder David Wilson (so cool to say!)”

Jan 26th

“Second day in the MTC. I love it and still can’t believe I’m here.” David and his companion are rooming with two elders Germany bound. “They are really cool. They are going to Berlin, Germany. They have been giving us pointers in what to do. They will leave the same day. My companion has a calendar of both two years and it has pictures of his family. I think that would be very cool to have. Just a suggestion. No pressure.”

Jan 29th email

“My companions name is Elder Miller and he is from Gilbert Arizona. He is the oldest in his family. I’m getting along just fine with him and he is a cool guy. I went to the temple today and had a great experience. It was neat. I did an endowment session. So I can only email for 30 minutes a week. It’s not a lot of time. Keep sending me letters. I love them. Our district is awesome we all sit together for meals. We are all really good friends.

We read in 2nd Nephi 31. It’s a really good chapter about obedience and how Christ was baptized. Funny story: Our TRC [referral center] guy, a Haiti diplomat, read about Mormon in a book. He called salt lake city and they told us to go over to him. I will tell you about it in the next letter. I feel too much pressure with the little timer on the corner of the screen. I’m panicking.”

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  1. I love how excited he is to be a missionary! Go Elder Wilson!