Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One More Week in the MTC

Feb. 5 (email)

“I leave on Tuesday of next week [from the MTC]. I will be calling you from the airport so expect a call at like 7 in the morning.
So last week we were teaching a progressive investigator. I told him that Christ wasn’t perfect. It was bad. But, I went back in the next time we talked and fixed it. My whole district laughed at me. It was pretty funny. I also committed someone to baptism. It was pretty cool.”
Feb 5 (second email)
“I had a little [“down” time] yesterday. This is a big change for me and for everybody else. I’m glad the elders in my district told me later that they did too. I love the pictures that you sent and the goodies that were in the package. It is really hard to stay focused the whole day. I’m in a class room for 16 hours a day and we only have 50 minutes for gym. (I have 8 minutes left on the timer so I will keep writing until the time is up.) The days just fly by so fast. I have no idea what day it is. I think it is the 5th. I’m not sure. I LOVE YOU. It’s hard to do this, but, I know from just the 2 weeks I have been out that I have been blessed. I know that you are being blessed because I’m out here and that is what I know. I know that God sent me to Reno for a purpose. I don’t know yet [for what purpose] but I will figure it out. Don’t worry about me. I will make it. I’m strong enough…I hope…Just kidding. I will make it. The Lord will provide a way for me to endure. It’s what I’m supposed to do. Be a representative of Jesus Christ and invite people to come unto Him and receive of His blessing. That’s what we are promised.

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