Friday, February 8, 2013

Feb 6th, 2013 (letter)

“The MTC is great! I truly feel the spirit every minute. My companion and I have been role playing and teaching lessons to our teacher. The first time was really bad. We literally crashed and burned. But, today was amazing! I truly felt the spirit. Really cool. We honestly have no time to just chill and relax. That’s hard. I’m already so tired. Bonnie sent me a letter. Got it. Loved it when Becca drew on it. Love that personal touch. Tell Kieran I’m sorry I wasn’t there [for his birthday celebration]. I’ll make it to the umm…not the next one, but soon. I leave from the MTC on Feb 12th. So, I get three weeks in here and I will enjoy it. We are learning a lot and how to get along as a district. I personally think we have a really good one. Jimmy and Sam, got your letter. Maybe in a week I can do the “wall thing”. Also, the gym is crazy cool. I played volleyball and four square today. I’m not so good at four square. It has been a long time since I’ve played. Tell Jayden and Trevor to get to work. You don’t want to look bad! Yesterday I ran a mile. Oh, I’m a stud. I have to counter with the food I eat. It’s so good and I’m eating too much! I haven’t seen Matt who works here at the MTC. But, I’ve seen Asia and so many kids from my school. Really cool that all of us picked up the call and answered it. We all decided to serve the Lord all of our own choice. We chose right! The spirit is strong. I love it! I love letters. Keep them coming because I want to know everything! Love, Elder David Wilson”

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