Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Elder Wilson left today!

Last night David got set apart to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We all got to be there (except Jimmy because he had to work). But his closest friends and his family were all able to be there and support him. Here are some pictures from afterward:

 Don and Jen Kipp and their kids (he was his leader at church, and his good friend)

 Trying to give Becca a kiss

 Trying on Tate's coat...

 David's friend Jayden (he's going to Colombia in March)

We went to Sizzler as a family this afternoon, right before we dropped him off

 And we're at the MTC, saying goodbye. It was very emotional! As much as we love that he's going to serve the Lord and do what he's supposed to do, it's hard to think we'll be without him for 2 whole years! But I know he'll have so much fun and do so much good work for our Savior.

Elder David Wilson will be in the MTC for 2 weeks, then off to Nevada! If you haven't heard of, it's awesome! Just go there and write him a letter, then they print it out there in the MTC and deliver it to him that day (if it's before noon). But it doesn't look like you can use DearElder after that. You'll have to send it yourself to Nevada. 

Good luck Elder! 

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