Monday, July 7, 2014

June 30, 2014 email

Yup, that’s Mitch. Remember him from the beginning of my mission? He finally got baptized. I wasn’t involved in the most recent discussions at all, but, I was able to confirm him. I used the Priesthood power that I have been given to invite him to receive the Holy Ghost. It was an awesome experience. He is still going through a rough time but he knew he needed to do this. That was a great thing to witness while in the Carson Valley. Elder Loveridge baptized Mitch. The duo is back in action, baptizing the world 1 investigator at a  time! hahahaha

This week went really well. Trying to get settled with  a new companion is always different, but, he is a cool guy. I’m training him to be a zone leader so it’s not really a struggle. (He knows how to be a missionary.) I’m learning a lot about him. It is difficult being the senior companion. I have to come up with the plan and set up appointments. We have to find more people to teach! We are out every day talking with people. I’m fairly good at that but not the best. I still feel a little uncomfortable, but, we get it done. We didn’t find anyone new to teach but we have received the blessings that come from being obedient. The “potentials” that we have been trying to contact for weeks now have finally responded to our texts. We have been able to meet with them and now have 4 new investigators. We have set 2 baptism dates. The other 2, unfortunately, we will have to hand off to the other missionaries because they are getting married this week. It was still a blessing to meet them and share my testimony. Within that first visit we invited them to church and they came! It was a weird 5th Sunday in the YSA branch. It was a good sacrament meeting but the combined Priesthood/RS lesson was interesting. It was basically the Branch President scolding and calling people out for being irreverent in some way or another. That was fun. A stressful experience. It all turned out well. I mean, they made it to church! The day got better when we met with a new investigator. It was a great spiritual experience. I was happy to leave that investigator with a baptismal date of Aug 23. We invited him to attend FHE today. Saturday was a great experience. You would call it an adventure! We came to meet with a new investigator, making casual conversation. I mentioned that I love music and they pull out their homemade raps. The 1st one was a little weird but the second one was ok. Right after the prayer we listened to another of his raps. Funny. Oh, the joys of missionary work! There is never a dull moment! That’s for sure.
Oh, I was talking with another missionary and he said that he has a bike that he is trying to sell. I will see it today and make the choice. It’s a Schwinn and newer then mine. It should be around $60. Not bad. I have been really thinking about you guys this week. Just all the changes going on at home. Sarah getting married, Danny leaving on his mission, and you guys being empty nesters. It’s difficult to not think about home. But, I know the few months I have left will be exciting. Where will I end up? When I come home I’ll be changed for the better! In the beginning of my mission reading cousin Trevor’s emails, I felt a little discouraged. He was having success because of his obedience. He showed that great faith and when he wrote of miracles they were so amazing. I was disappointed in myself for not getting the same results on my mission. As I have looked over the past few months, I can see the improvement in my work, in my studies, and in every aspect of this great work. The changes that I have made in my life are a blessing. Mom, you always say at the end of your letters that you are so proud of me and you are grateful for my service to the Lord. I’m so happy that I can see for myself that I am being the best that I can be (obviously continuing to improve each day). It’s just good to know that I can lay my head down at night and say “I have done good today”. Just some of my thoughts today…I love you guys so much! Hurrah for Israel!!
Elder Wilson

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