Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feb. 24, 2014

Things are going good here. We just had transfers and I got a new companion. He was a past zone leader. He has blessed the area and showed me how to be a better missionary. It’s been an amazing week. We have 2 investigators set with a baptism date and we are finding lots more. We are working with a lot of less active members. It’s been a great week. I’m trying to be exactly obedient as much as possible. I’ve been enjoying it. I know it’s hard but so worth it. The bishop asked us to speak in church. Thank you for sending talks each week. That’s what I’m going to be using. I’ll be ready! It’s just been a lot of adapting to the changes and I know exact obedience is going to help. This is the week Elder Whipple left to Stead, NV. He is a friend forever. This past week has been a lot of work and talking with everyone. Missionary work is very tiring. That’s where the Lord kicks in and helps to build us up. I want to be evenly yoked with my new companion (a past zone leader)!

Love you so much. Thanks for all your support and the constant reinforcement.
Elder Wilson

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