Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Halfway Point!

January 27, 2014 email
I’ve hit my half way point. I’ve got to make every remaining day count. It’s hard when you feel you did so much but the stats don’t show it. Everyone says if you feel you’ve accomplished a lot, then all is good. We helped 2 people move and we had a great trade off lesson with one of our solid investigators. It was a great lesson. I think it was the best lesson I have ever participated in. We also helped tons of people through service. We went out and did what we are supposed to do and followed Christ’s example. I love it out here. This is truly the best thing I’ve ever done. Thank you for encouraging me and showing me the example to follow. I love my family and appreciate all that you have done for me!
Elder Wilson

January 22, 2014 letter
We had an exciting week. Monday for P-day we went to the train museum and got a deluxe tour. The tour guide is a member and we got a special tour. We took pictures in front of a train. It was awesome! We had a great week becauseon Friday two people were baptized. The week was poor in stats and lessons but if you have a baptism in any part of the week, the whole week is just better…Heavenly Father’s children have found their way back, are following the commandments and receiving blessings.

This week I had lots of bike repairs. Funny story about that: One day I got a flat tire but we were home with our tools. I took it apart to see if it was fixable. It was. I was attempting to fix it and a member pulls up. He asked if we needed help. He brought us to a gas station to fill up the tube and we found the hole. The member said he had a tube at his house and offered it. We got the tube and put it on. We’re back at the gas station filling up the tube, I look and it’s at 65 PSI. I fill it up a little bit more and BAM, it blows up. It sounded like a gunshot! The noise didn’t bother me much I just felt so bad to pop the tube that the member had given me. They were laughing…I still felt bad.

We are back to finding investigators. We are going through our book of former investigators. It’s my first time for doing that. I feel Ely has changed me a lot. I’ve learned so much. This is truly the place I need to be. It’s awesome!

Elder Wilson

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