Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November 18, 2013

This past week went very well. We had a fantastic P-day on Monday: sledding in the mountains called Success Loop. It was super fun and very cold. Well worth it! We are going mountain biking down Success Loop next P-day. Awesome! We had a great district meeting. Our district leader, Elder Dalton, is a spiritual giant. He prepares and the spirit is strong. I leave the meeting feeling motivated and pumped to do the Lord’s work. There was a mission-wide leadership meeting in Eureka. While the mission leadership attended the meeting I worked in the nearby farm community. We had little success but the spirit was strong. It was an enjoyable 2 days. Back in Ely, our Sunday meetings were especially great. Unfortunately, our investigators didn't make it. That’s always disappointing but there is always next week.

Ely has lots of miners and people come and go. I love it here. The people are very nice. The members are great. We have a few investigators. If they would just come to church on a regular basis. That’s the tricky part. With the Lord everything is possible, right? The investigators are hearing the doctrine of Jesus Christ! It’s just hard for them to change habits and lives. They just don’t understand that this change will have a positive impact on their family’s lives and their eternities. Missionary work is hard…but, I love it! The people of Ely need the gospel and the Lord will use me for His plan. I am willing and I pray that I can be an instrument in His hands. Thank you so much for your love and support as I do this wonderful work. May He bless you all!

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