Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Transfers are coming up. My trainer says I’m going to train. That’s his guess. I don’t know at this point in time. On Wednesday I’ll know if I am. We have a lot of baptisms lined up for this weekend. We are super excited and can’t wait. We have members getting ready to go to the temple this week for their first time--Baptisms for the dead! There was a great turn out for church this week. We played baseball with an investigator’s kids today. It was fun. They are on a little league team and we tried to be helpful. I don’t know about Elder Loveridge, but, I know nothing about baseball. I don’t hit the ball hard or well but I’m getting better. Baseball is all we do out here. We have baseball fields and a basketball court. I don’t have a basketball…if you have a way to send a basketball, much appreciated. J I’m sending a package home: like my new glasses (that seem to be the wrong prescription) and some little knick knacks that I have picked up on my mission. I will explain them in the package. Super fun! You’ll like what I gave you for Mother’s Day. I love you mom (so much). I can’t wait to talk to you on Mother’s Day. I’ll probably cry because I miss everyone so much. People say when you are on your mission you dont have time to think about your family. I guess I am doing something wrong because I think about my family all the time.

I love you so much.
Elder Wilson

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