Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15. 2013

Dear Family,

What a week! We found 2 more investigators and they have baptismal dates. One is for April 27 and the other May 18. They are progressing greatly. It is awesome! We are working with another man. His situation is complicated, but, we’re working.

I got your package. I didn’t even see it on Friday. I got the mail on Friday and didn’t notice the ginormous package until we were ready to leave Saturday. It was heavy! Wow! The Mormon Messages 2, DVD, thank you so much. I hope you were able to watch the DVD because it is super good. We watched all of them. It’s 3 hours of great messages. We already used them in our work. It was amazing! Thank you so much. The pictures: Paige is growing up so much; Becca, the little princess; and Tate, oh Tate. How i love them all! I miss all of you. The pics help me so much. I treasure them, I really do. And all the goodies.

Before I forget…Spring is coming and all the little critters are coming out. Guess what we saw in our room? Just guess. Come on. Yup, you guessed it…a mouse! We took the room apart and we were shooting it with nerf guns. We wanted it out of our room! We finally got it out (after screaming a lot. I’m such a wimp when it comes to mice!) It went under the washer. We put a bunch of mouse traps around the washer. When we woke up we had caught it. That’s the first time I’ve seen a mouse trap work on something besides my fingers. It was a true story (copyright TM). Thinking about making a play about it. It will turn into a movie and then I can get it on a TV show (30 Rock, maybe). Yup, I’ll do it.

So yeah, lots of good stuff. We did exchanges this week (Elder Loveridge is the district leader so he goes on exchanges with all the elders in the district). I stayed in Walker this time with Elder Palmer. He is a greenie in every sense of the word. (hahaha jk) He is cool. He had a glimpse of the Walker area. He was shocked how we live and manage with the resources we have (which is not much). We had a hot dog eating contest. I won. I recorded it. Hopefully you received my SD card. I am the reigning champ. It’s fun. It’s been a really good week. We got 4 baptisms now lined up for the upcoming months. But, transfers are coming up. We don’t know if we are staying…crazy! Again, love the package, the pics and the letters. I love you all and appreciate your support. This is the hardest and the best 2 years of my life. An elder said “this is the best 2 years FOR my life”.  It’s true! I have grown so much as a person and in the gospel. I can totally feel the difference.

Elder David Wilson

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