Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb. 25, 2013

My address:
Elder David Wilson (make sure to put “David” because there is another Elder Wilson in the mission)
108952 US Highway 395, Unit 1
Coleville, CA 96107-9766

I hope you already got my letter because “it’s a good one” (Dumb and Dumber, haha). I have to keep my humor. It’s important for my morale. The week was good. Yesterday a guy shot a rabbit and said that he is going to eat it. He stuck it in our outdoor fridge. It’s really gross but that’s how it is around here. We had to start riding bikes and it’s all up hill. J The downhill part is fun but the uphill part is hard. I remember going on occasional bike rides with Sarah. I wish I had done that more. My butt is killing me (haha). A lot of good things happened this week and a lot of ok things too. My companion is cool. He is new at the training thing so I cut him a break. How hard can it be? I’m the perfect trainee! (haha). Out here I really think about everyone and what has been done for me. God has been good to me and that is from my heart.

Miss you. I love the letters and pictures.

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