Monday, December 1, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014

There you go. As requested, a picture of me. My companion’s name is Elder Reynolds. He is originally from Colorado. A couple of years back his family moved to Texas. (He doesn’t like Texas :) We have been chugging along here. I love Ely and McGill. We had a really good week. It took off on Tuesday with a great district meeting. Then we had exchanges. We were in our area battling and conquering McGill and YSA. It was cool and we got 18 lessons that week. Then we went on exchanges with our district leaders which was super awesome. It’s amazing to be back where I was when I was in my first ward. Now people remember me and are happy to see me. Most importantly, we were able to get old investigators interested again. What a blessing! That is the reason that I’m back here! Hahaha. Loving it!

(Note from Samantha: I can't turn this picture. For some reason, the pictures David sends are always messed up. It's the right direction on my computer but when I stick them on the blog they turn back the way he sent them. Sorry)

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