Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Livin' in Cali, workin' in Nevada

Feb 19, 2013 email


My p-day is on Monday. I didn’t talk to you yesterday because our internet is down and we have to go to Gardnerville to email at a local library. I sent a letter yesterday that will answer all your questions. So, you will receive that soon. You will get my address from my letter. Use that address because the mission office is like 2 hours from where I live.

I don’t have much time today. I live in Walker, California but the address is Coleville. I live in California but most of our work is in Nevada. I am in a car and bike area. We have a cap on the miles so we have to use a bike to stay in the mile limit.  It’s quite a drive and as we end the month we’ll have to use our bikes. One of the members gave me a bike. It’s cool. We go over for dinner and boom, here’s a bike! Thank you! I didn’t know that I needed one in this area. But, yeah, the mileage cap. We’ll have a lot of biking to do. My area covers three cities. I’m assigned to a branch of 23 active members. It’s interesting. We have one boy that wants to be baptized. We just have to give him the lessons and then he will be on his way. We have a lot of reactivation in progress. There are a lot of retired couples down here that don’t want to change their lifestyle and church is not in their future. But, I will never give up and I will never surrender. (haha, Galaxy Quest) The work is hard, but, it will be good hard work. I live in a member’s trailer with them. It’s tiny and our fridge is outside. Haha. I’m learning a lot.

My companions name is Elder Loveridge. He’s really cool! He is from North Salt Lake! He has been out on his mission for three months. He just got finished being trained and now he is getting to train. So he’s learning and I’m learning a lot. I’m studying all over the place in the Book of Mormon. I’m also studying the Doctrine and Covenants. It’s very interesting to read all of the revelations given to Joseph Smith. It’s a lot of fun. It’s supposed to snow today but we will see. It’s sunny right now.

I love you!

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